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Data is a critical and growing company asset. According to a recent IDC study, over the next decade businesses will have 50 times the amount of data and 75 times the number of files as they currently possess. Globally data levels will rise to 35 zettabytes . Valuing data as a key company asset will require a shift in thinking for many companies who still associate their key business drivers with the traditional “brick and mortar” operations. They should protect electronic information as key corporate assets just as they would with their 'brand.'

But a survey of 2,500 IT decision-makers in Asia Pacific and Japan in the first couple of months of 2012 reveals that companies are not necessarily putting the right investments into ensuring their data and applications are protected, available and secured in an alternative location to recover from unforeseen situations.  While fires, floods and earthquakes make the headlines – this is not what is going to disrupt systems.  It is not against the unexpected or the extraordinary, companies are suffering business impact from routine occurrences and malicious activity like data corruption.

We want to instil a sense of urgency for companies across Asia Pacific and Japan to look proactively at a disaster recovery. A disaster of epic proportions does not have to occur for your business to suffer disastrous consequences in relation to backup and recovery.

The key messages derived from the 'The Disaster Recovery Survey 2012: Asia Pacific and Japan' – commissioned by EMC are:

  • Disruption happens: are you properly prepared?
  • Are you spending your backup and recovery budgets wisely?
  • Why now is the time to look at your backup, recovery/ disaster recovery

This survey follows a survey of 2,500 IT decision-makers across Asia Pacific & Japan during 2012.



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